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only album PFFFT

only like FULL album you know what I mean don’t sass

Naya changed her name on Twitter to Naya Rivera Dorsey. Also on Instagram.

Happy 25th birthday, Daniel Jacob Radcliffe! (July 23, 1989)


Naya should win an award for like biggest plot twist of 2014 bc no one saw this coming

walk the moon :)


movies → Toy Story (1995) + not-quite-profanity.


P!ATD for the blog rate :)

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Coffee Collaborative,Isla Vista, CA


Coffee Collaborative,
Isla Vista, CA


Fall Out Boy performs “My Songs Know What You Did In the Dark” (Jimmy Kimmel Live).


Yo, where’s the In The Flesh coffee shop AU, huh? Where’s a fic where Kieren is in college, working part time at a coffee shop (owned by Connie Furness, the sassiest grandma in town) along with Amy who always refuses to wear her barista uniform because it cramps her style? And Gary keeps coming over to mock them because he’s an asshole and Philip keeps dropping by and he always pretends Amy annoys him but he’s just trying to hide that he’s got the hugest crush on her. And then there’s Simon, the professor who is known for trying to convert convince every student on campus to switch majors to his because he could use more students (and sometimes he even succeeds). What are you doing fandom?

Masterpost: KBL Reverse Bangs

Since the kblreversebang is in full swing and I finally posted mine this year, I thought I would go ahead and post all three fics I’ve done for the last three years in one post. I’m so proud of them all and especially love to show off the amazing talent of the artist I was paired up with every year. If you haven’t already read them - enjoy! 

Title: Of Harps and Feathers
SummaryBlaine’s wings used to be a pure, snowy white when he was little, just like all other newborns….” Blaine has always hated his dark wings, because to most people, they reflect the color of his soul. Blaine gave up on trying to prove them wrong a long time ago. But everything changes when Kurt Hummel, with wings as white as a cloud on a calm summer’s day, walks into his life….
Link to Fic
And the art: 

Title: Painted Eyes and Dizzy Feet
SummaryKurt is an artist who can’t paint. His block has been plaguing him for months now. Then he sees Blaine, a dancer who moves with such grace, such emotion in every movement, that for the first time in two months, Kurt is inspired to create
Link to FIc
Link to Art

Title: Ain’t No Sunshine
Summary: In an Alternative Universe where people have an outward manifestation of their negative emotions, Blaine Anderson hates seeing people with their Emotional Clouds. So much that he likes to cheer up complete strangers to make them go away. But one bad day he gets his own rain cloud and doesn’t have an umbrella and someone else comes to his aide to do the same for him.
Link to fic


2 cool 4 u: we’re never done with killing time, can i kill it with you? (listen here