Drabble: I’ll Be Home For Christmas

This prompt from whereartthouwildthingsKurt and Blaine have a daughter, Blaine’s in the army. Their daughter goes to sit on Santa’s lap at the mall and asks for her daddy to come home when Blaine comes out of east frickin’ no where and surprises Kurt and daughter? If that’s not too lame bahahah


And so I wrote it. Creys. Just imagine Blaine as Darren from this music video

"Daddy, I’m a little scared," said Lori, looking past a little boy in front of her at Santa. 

"Of Santa?" asked Kurt, looking over at his daughter. She held his hand tightly and looked up at him, biting her lip. A nervous habit she had probably picked up from him. She nodded once in confirmation. "Oh sweetie, you do this every year. Santa is always nice. Auntie Brittany even came with you last year and she wasn’t scared, was she?"

"No," said Lori slowly. The boy in front of her was on Santa’s lap now and they were next. After a long moment of silence Lori looked down at her shiny black shoes sadly. "I wish papa was here," she said, almost so quietly that Kurt didn’t hear. 

But he did, and Kurt’s heart broke. 

Blaine was deployed overseas, and had been for the last six months. He was due to come back early next year, but unfortunately couldn’t make it for Christmas. Kurt missed him more than anything, and knew exactly how their daughter felt. Not having her dad for Christmas this year had made the whole holiday less…magical. It was the 9 year old’s first Christmas without him. 

"Oh sweetheart," said Kurt, sinking to his knee to be more level with her. "Your papa wants to be here more than anything. You know that…and I miss him, too. But he wants us to be happy. You know how much he loves Santa." 

"Yeah," said Lori. The little boy was walking away with his parents now and Lori looked determined. Kurt lead her up to Santa and she got onto his lap with a tentative smile. 

"Hello, little girl. What’s your name?"

Kurt had to admit, this Santa looked like the real deal. He was pretty sure his beard was genuine, too. Kurt stepped back behind the photographer, who had instructed Lori to smile and was snapping some photos, grinning over at his daughter. 

"Lori Hummel-Anderson," said Lori primly. Santa let out a hearty laugh. 

"Well, Lori, what would you like for Christmas this year?" he asked, putting a hand on her shoulder. 

"Well," said Lori, drawing the word out. "I was going to ask you for this princess make-up set, but then I decided on something better." 


"Yes." Lori looked over at Kurt once, then back at Santa. "I want my papa back home for Christmas. My daddy is really sad without him home, and so am I."

Kurt’s heart plummeted. Not only for his daughter’s wish for Santa, but the shocked look on Santa’s face as she asked it. Sometimes, when Lori referred to her two daddies, that was the look she got. 

But then, the older gentleman looked over toward Kurt, who smiled sadly at him on reflex. The man actually held… sympathy. 

"Where is your papa, Lori?" asked Santa softly. 

"He’s in the army," said Lori. "I don’t really remember where he is really. It’s a hard name. He can’t come home for Christmas. Can you get him here? Maybe on your sleigh?" 

Santa looked at Lori long and hard. “Lori…I’ll tell you something now. A lot of kids who talk to me just want things for themselves. But you want something for you and your daddy. That means a lot to old Santa here.” Santa smiled. “Which is why I think I can make your wish come true.”

Kurt wanted to tell this guy to stop - he was getting Lori’s hopes up. He was frowning, when a movement behind Santa’s chair caught his eye. It was tan and neutral, nothing like the bright decorations of Santa’s chair. Kurt looked over and his heart suddenly stopped. 

The light hazel eyes met his own and Kurt didn’t dare breathe. Then a broad smile moved across the face, his finger coming up to his lips as if to say “shhhh.”

And Kurt knew it was really his Blaine. 

"Really?" Lori said, excitedly. 

"Really, darling." 

Hearing Blaine’s voice in real life, instead of over a computer or phone for the first time in months was better than water to a man in the desert, Kurt was sure. 

Lori had gasped, turning to look behind Santa at her dad. She sprang up from Santa’s lap, who was grinning like the co-conspirator he was, and into Blaine’s arms. “Papa!”

Around them, Kurt heard a few “awws” and light applause. Mostly, he just had eyes for Blaine. 

Kurt was moving toward Blaine and Lori before he knew what he was doing. 

"I missed you, Lori," Blaine was saying into the black curls of her head, the ones she had gotten from her. 


Blaine looked up at Kurt, his eyes already sparkling. 

"Daddy, it’s papa!" Lori said, turning toward Kurt, a huge smile on her face. 

"I know, sweetie," said Kurt, realizing that he was crying. 


Blaine didn’t need to say another word before Kurt had launched himself at Blaine. His arms came around Kurt, holding him tightly as if he didn’t want to lose him either. Kurt allowed himself to cry into the rough material of Blaine’s uniform for a few moments, whispering how much he loved him, before making himself pull away slightly. He didn’t know who was around them, watching, after all.

It turned out that…people didn’t really care. Or at least, there were no angry remarks. Just smiles and remarks about how it was sweet. 

"God, I can’t believe you didn’t tell me you were coming," said Kurt. 

"Well, Santa didn’t give me much notice," said Blaine with a wink. The remark wasn’t as cheeky as it could be, because of Blaine’s own tear tracks. Kurt hit Blaine weakly, still not believing he was actually here. Blaine’s face softened. “Merry Christmas, Kurt.” 

Kurt let out another sob. “Merry Christmas, Blaine.” He leaned forward, kissing him softly on the lips. They parted quicker than he wanted, but it was a public place. Blaine looked over at Lori, grinning. 

"Let’s get a photo with Santa and go home, what do you say darling?"

"Can we make Christmas cookies?" asked Lori, hopefully. She had grabbed Blaine and Kurt’s hands, bringing them over toward Santa. 

"And hot coco, too," said Blaine. 

"This is the best Christmas ever," said Lori, just after the Hummel-Anderson photo with Santa was snapped. 

Kurt had to agree that it was. 


Merry Christmas and happy holidays to all my amazing followers!

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