Drabble: First of Many

Summary: Because Kurt said the “first of many” Christmasas together so I jump to future!daddy!Klaine ;) 

"Daddy! Daddy!" 

Blaine looked down at his 7 year old daughter, her black curls bouncing the shoulders of her Little Mermaid nightie. “Yes sweetie?”

"Are Santa’s cookies done yet? Are they?" she asked, still jumping up and down. 

"I’m just putting them on a plate now, Morgan," said Blaine, picking up the Santa shaped plate. "Now let’s go in and see how Papa and Jason are going with the tree." 

Morgan followed Blaine, dancing circles around him as they walked to the living room. Blaine laughed, shaking his head. Kids on Christmas - it’s like they had a natural resource of sugar this time of year. When they walked in he saw Kurt had lifted Jason, who was 5, up and he was leaning over to put the well cared for Tree Topper on their tree. It was a bright gold star, given to them by Rachel Berry on their first Christmas living together. 

"Cookies!" shouted Jason from the air as he turned to look at Blaine and Morgan. 

"They are for Santa," said Kurt playfully as he set Jason down. "We have other ones for Christmas tomorrow you two can have." Jason pouted but nodded, looking longingly at the plate of cookies.

"Daddy! Daddy!" said Morgan as she tugged on Blaine’s sleeve. "Can we please, please, please open just one present before bed? Pleeeeeease!" 

Blaine looked over to Kurt with a pleading look - to be honest, he’d be wondering what Kurt had gotten him for weeks and was dying to open at least one himself. 

Kurt rolled his eyes, giving Blaine the look that said: you are such a pushover and nodded. Jason and Morgan rejoiced and Blaine and Kurt picked out which presents they could open. Jason was excited to find the new action figure he had been wanting, and Morgan squealed and hugged the stuffed toy dog to her chest. 

"And this one is for you," said Kurt, after he had opened the present from Blaine. Blaine grinned and looked down at the small box. He opened it and - 

"Kurt?" he asked, looking up in awe. 

In the box was the most perfect present - it was what he had given Kurt on their first Christmas as a couple together. The silly promise ring made out of gum wrappers. 

"You still have this?" he asked, his eyes misting over. 

"Of course I do," said Kurt, as if it was obvious. 

"I love you," Blaine said. He leaned over and kissed Kurt softly. 

The groans of their children made them pull back with with smiles. “Ew!” said Morgan with a look of disgust. Blaine and Kurt look back at each other, then wink, diving toward the kids and pressing attack kisses to their foreheads and cheeks. They giggle and finally give up. Blaine picks up Jason and Kurt gets Morgan. 

"It’s time for bed!" Kurt announces, walking toward the stairs. They protest and say they want to stay up but then Kurt winks at Blaine. "Well Santa can’t come until you two are asleep, so -" 

They almost run toward their beds now. Blaine and Kurt tuck them in and walk back down stairs. 

For the next hour or so they sit up on the couch, lights dimmed and the fire going, cuddled together and splitting the plate of Santa cookies, trading kisses. 

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