but like what if Blaine was proposing that Christmas and he doesn’t know about Rachel and Finn because they didn’t tell everyone until Valentine’s day right???

And so he proposes but he’s like:

"This engagement can last five hours, long enough for us to get to New York, or it can last five years. I just know I want to marry you, Kurt Hummel. You are the love of my life and it doesn’t matter that you’re going to be in another state next year. I will love you then, probably even more than I love you now." 

"Yes," said Kurt. "Yes." 

"Yes?" said Blaine, barely believing it.

"Of course." 

Blaine slips the ring on his finger - an admittedly less expensive ring, but it was a nice silver with small engravings on it and it was what Blaine could afford. One day, he will get Kurt a nicer ring. They leaned forward in a passionate kiss, thankful that they had slipped into an empty classroom. 

"So," said Kurt, breathlessly. "About the engagement length…" 

"I’ll wait however long you want, Kurt," said Blaine. 

"Good," said Kurt. "Because - there are some things I need to tell you. About, well, Rachel and Finn. They - they’re engaged too and they have this crazy notion to get married right away and well - I don’t think that’s me. As much as Id want to run off and elope in New York right now… I want to wait. I want this to wait until you’re out of high school and we’re together in New York and we don’t have to come back to Ohio where we aren’t married. Is that - is that okay?"

Blaine smiled, reaching up to cup Kurt’s cheek. “Kurt, I told you. We could wait the next ten years to get married. So long as I’m with you - it doesn’t matter.” 

Kurt leaned forward, kissing Blaine again. They pulled back, resting their foreheads against each other. 

"I - I have to tell my dad," said Kurt in a shocked whisper. 

"Well - it’s the Christmas season," said Blaine nervously. "He won’t kill me right away, right?" Kurt laughed and shook his head. "He wouldn’t. I think.”

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