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Random speculation that might not be right, but whatever.

This is long shot stuff, just the way I would love to see the next season and a half of Glee go in. My imagination got the better of me.

So obviously - Ryan has said Kurt gets married at 21. Well, Kurt has a strange birthday in that, he’s 19 right now (turning this age in May, just after/around graduation). Which means at the end of this season, he will be 20. And you know, usually people have long engagements - around a year at least. 

Which is why I wouldn’t be surprised if Kurt and Blaine got engaged at the very end of season 4. (crazy talk I know considering Klaine isn’t even together officially, but I’m 100% sure they will be by the end of the season.)

It would be a great cliffhanger for the end of season finale - bound to get people talking that a same sex couple is engaged and will be getting married in the immediate future. Especially since they’re going off to New York. 

Then I thought, for season 5, they could possibly get married that season, probably at the end again, so Kurt is 21. Because, I noticed this funny trend - there is always a wedding (or would be wedding) in every season of glee. 

Season 1 was Emma and Coach Tanaka (shudder), season 2 was Carole and Burt, season 3 Finchel and finally this season with Wemma. Why not see “season 5 Klaine” in there, right? 

We know Ryan is a Klaine shipper. He might troll and tease, but he does what them to have their happy ending. I think he definitely wants to give us a Klaine wedding at some point and the way I see it, Glee has a 5th season in the bag already - they will probably get a sixth (maybe) and that’s probably it. So he might feel more inclined to do the wedding season 5, and make sure it’s put in before Glee goes south. 

It’s just how I would like to see the Klaine relationship grow. They would get engaged at the end of the season, knowing they want to be together but content with a long engagement (2 or 3 years even) but the events lead to a more sudden wedding, around a year of engagement instead. Maybe wedding planning for his own doesn’t suit Kurt, and he just wants to get it done - having his family and friends in attendance and nothing big. And god, just the thought of Kurt and Blaine bickering domestically over what color their bridesmaids and groomsmen should wear or what color roses they should have (yellow and red, obviously) would be adorable. 

And I step off my “If-I-were-a-glee-writer” soap box. Thank you. 

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