Fic: School Spirit

Summary: When Kurt’s sophomore year of college begins, he immediately develops a crush on freshman Blaine Anderson in his classes. He’s talented, handsome and so, so dreamy. Kurt can’t focus as much as he might want to on this infatuation, however, because he’s currently being stalked by the school’s mascot. Even without saying any words, he (at least, Kurt hopes it’s a he) begins to find his way under Kurt’s skin. Will he finally confront the masked flirter? 

AN: A few things: Yes, I understand the University of Arizona is a weird place for Kurt and Blaine to go. But seriously, it works pretty well for my fic. For one, look how cute our mascot is. And here.  The school even has an all boys acapella group that has the same ties as the Warblers. So really, the school (yes, I go here) actually turned out to be a good setting. A lot of the schools back east just didn’t have the mascot I was looking for. Plus, it has one of the best threatre departments in the US. 

The new school year, to Kurt, meant a lot of things. It meant cursing his decision to go to school in Arizona, for one, because it meant his usual layered look was off limits until at least October because his campus was still in the bitter grips of summer. It also meant new classes and, by default, the chance to check out and subsequently dwell on the thoughts of guys in all his classes.

There weren’t a shortage of cute guys in his classes, that was for sure, but they never spared him the time of day. There was an okay LGBTQ population at his university, and it was so much better than his time in Ohio by far. But as usual, Kurt Hummel was still invisible when it came to his own sex.

Which was okay. He did enjoy school. He got a full ride scholarship and the University of Arizona had one of the best theatre programs in the US. He even had a friend last semester that was on study abroad from Australia and the UofA was in her top three choices because of their program. He learned a lot, that was for sure, and had friends. He missed his dad a lot, back in chilly, sleepy Ohio, and Rachel in New York – but he liked it here.

Save for, again, the extreme heat.

He was in jeans and a thin (yet still fashionable) red and blue shirt as he made his way to his first class. He refused to wear any of the university’s merchandise, but he would give one to school spirit and wear the colors. He dodged yet another pack of sorority girls in identical backpacks, rolling his eyes at their bright tank tops. 

Kurt’s first class was his Acting 2 class, which was made mostly of people he was with last year for Acting 1. Kurt waved to a few familiar faces as he walked in, taking in the new ones. In particular there was a shorter boy chatting with the teacher at the front of the class, who Kurt didn’t recognize in the least. He stands out, certainly, in a pair of red pants (cuffed up for his shorter frame), black polo and bowtie.

“Apparently gel boy skipped Acting 1,” says Jenna, one of Kurt’s closer friends from last year, sitting down next to him.


“You’re staring at him,” she says with a small grin. “I overheard. He’s a freshman, but he took Acting 1 this summer. Boy is eager.”

“Apparently,” Kurt remarks, eyes drifting away from the boy’s admittedly handsome features. “How was your summer.”

“Oh you know, lots of fun, being burned alive. I didn’t even leave the state,” she sighs. “I bet Ohio was nice.”

“It’s humid, so I bet I had it worse,” says Kurt. “What other classes do you have?”

Jenna lists off her classes – the only share this one together – and Kurt tells her how excited he is for his Costume Crew class (he’d excelled at his introduction to Costume Design last year) and his Musical Theatre Voice class tomorrow.

“Sounds like you’re keeping busy,” she says.

“It’s the classes I look forward to. I have my pre-reqs too,” he says. “At least I’m done with math and science.”

“Aren’t we all,” she laughs.

The class gets underway then, their teacher summarizing the class and then quickly moving on to their first day monologues. Kurt had been terrified  in Acting 1 when he’d learned he would have to do a monologue in front of everyone on the first day, but really, it wasn’t so horrible. Since then, he’d learned a lot. For Acting 2, however, they were expected to do two monologues that contrasted.

Kurt was one of the first. He stood, introduced himself, and then launched into his dramatic monologue, paused for just a moment, before going into a slightly humorous (but more so sarcastic) one. Everyone clapped and Kurt know he did pretty well as he sat.

It was when the new boy, who introduced himself as Blaine Anderson, performed that Kurt felt his breath catch.

His first monologue was simply heart wrenching. His eyes portrayed the emotion perfectly, growing glassy and his voice breaking. Kurt felt the collective breath of the room let go when he made the transition into his comedic monologue. His whole demeanor was transformed, an easy smile and sparkling eyes. It was actually quite remarkable, and hands down the best performance of the day.

When Blaine finished, he looked moderately surprised at the enthusiastic applause, sitting down shyly. And okay, Kurt might feel an epic crush forming on the other boy.

The class ends after everyone has performed their monologues, with wishes from their teacher to read chapter 1 of their textbook. He and Jenna go to the union for lunch and then part for classes. Kurt only has his Costume Crew left today and afterwards takes the bus to his apartment.

During his freshman year, Kurt had lived on campus and pretty much hated it. So this year, he decided to do one of the student apartments off campus, but only a single so he could have some time alone. That and, though he had friends at school, he couldn’t imagine living with any of them.

The next day he has a history course pretty early in the morning, then directly after that his Musical Theatre Voice class. It’s small, like his other theatre classes, and he spots Blaine Anderson immediately.

Kurt lets himself sit and discreetly watch the other boy. He’s dressed in a similar manner as he was yesterday – very preppy but strangely endearing. He’s talking to another student, laughing and nodding to whatever they are saying. The more Kurt looks, the more adorable the other boy becomes.

Just like yesterday in his Acting class, they go around and sing about a minute from a song. Kurt goes with Defying Gravity, mostly because he knows it makes the girls in his class green when he hits the high F. The teacher, too, looks impressed and talks to him for a moment about him being a countertenor.

Then Blaine stands and Kurt is prepared to be blown away, just as he was yesterday.

It turns out to be true. Blaine sings about half of “Something’s Coming” from West Side Story and Kurt can immediately picture him being the perfect Tony.

Kurt begins to settle into his new school schedule and make some friends in his classes. And yes, he continues to watch Blaine from afar. Even though Blaine is younger than himself, and shorter and honestly, looks to be very friendly, he’s still a bit intimidating and Kurt never pushes himself to go over and talk to him. It always works out that they sit on opposite sides of the classrooms in both of their classes. So Kurt resigns himself on the second week of school to just having a good piece of eye candy for the rest of the semester and leaves it at that.

Then, on the third week of school, Kurt is paired up with Blaine in an improv exercise.

They actually work well together. Kurt says a few words, because they have to change up the scene every time another person changes out. Kurt had just taken Jenna’s place in the scene, Blaine already in it, and it was Kurt who has to pick the direction. The point is that the other person has to think on their feet.

Blaine is good at that and they end up creating a pretty funny scene until Jason, a boy from Kurt’s Acting 1 class, takes Blaine’s place. That one is a little awkward, but Kurt ends up recovering after a while.

After class ends, Kurt is picking up his bag and feels someone at his side. He looks up, seeing Blaine’s big, expressive eyes.

“Nice scene,” he says brightly.

“Oh – thank you,” he replies, taken aback.

“See you Wednesday,” Blaine says with a small wave, then turning back to a girl he usually hangs out with during class and walking out the door.

Kurt sort of floats for the rest of the day. The fact that Blaine actually talked to him made him much too giddy. It might be a little pathetic, but Kurt decided not to dwell on that thought. Of course he should feel this way if a nice, attractive boy showed him the time of day.

The thing about his university that Kurt sometimes find annoy is how into sports they are. Especially football. Kurt obviously knows the game pretty well, having played it his sophomore year and being dragged to most of Finn’s games after that. It doesn’t particular mean he likes it, but it is at the core of the social events at his school, so Kurt has a season pass to the student section.

The week of the first home game is insane. The whole campus looks like a red and blue sea of bodies and even though Kurt doesn’t wear tacky school shirts, he does dress in the colors to show spirit. Besides, he looks amazing in red.

The Thursday before the game there is a big fair of sorts out on the “mall”, which is a large green area in between most of the buildings in the center of school. There is free food and most of the football players are roaming around and mingling.

Jenna drags him there for lunch, since it’s free. They get hot dogs and walk around eating them, checking out booths.

“Oh my god, Kurt, it’s Wilbur!” says Jenna a few minutes after they finish their food. She tugs at his sleeve, turning him to face the direction she’s looking in. Kurt spots the giant Wildcat mascot and rolls his eyes. Along with a strong football community, the mascots on campus are like, celebrities. They were even on The Ellen Show.

There are technically two mascots. Both are wildcats, but there is a boy and a girl – “Wilbur” and “Wilma.” It’s sickeningly adorable, really.

“Jenna, you’re like a five year old at Disneyland,” says Kurt as she jumps up and down in her spot with excitement.

“Shut up, we’re taking a picture with him,” she says, dragging them over. There is already a pretty big group around Wilbur taking photos with and of him. He’s very enthusiastic, giving a pawed thumbs up at iPhone cameras and silently communicating with people.

Kurt feels a stab of sympathy for the guy (or girl) inside the suit; it’s still perfect blue, sunny skies outside and very hot. He must be burning alive inside the full body mascot suit.

They wait for about ten minutes and Jenna finally gets a chance to jump next to the mascot and take a photo with him. Kurt has her iPhone in his hand and takes a photo of her, Wilbur’s arm around her shoulders.

“Okay, got it,” he says with a smile. Jenna turns and thanks Wilbur and starts to walk away. Then the mascot motions toward Kurt.

“Oh, I think he wants you to take a photo with him, Kurt!” says Jenna with excitement.

“Wait, what, no,” says Kurt. But the mascot is motioning toward Kurt to join him and Jenna is pushing Kurt to him. “Jenna, I swear –“

Wilbur puts a firm arm around Kurt’s middle then, surprising him as he pulls him closer. Kurt blinks, looking over to the furry costume. He sighs and looks at Jenna’s phone, forcing a smile. After the click of her camera, Kurt makes a move to move out of Wilbur’s arms – but instead, Wilbur moves towards him and suddenly, both of his arms are around him in a hug.

“Uh,” Kurt gets out, awkwardly standing with his arms to his side. He can hear people around him laughing a bit, and Jenna catcalls at him.

“Hug him back!” she yells; other people echo her.

Wilbur still isn’t letting go. In fact, he does that weird…moving thing that people do when the want to prolong a hug and are trying to be silly.

God, Kurt’s face feels on fire. He reaches up, after a moment, and wraps his arms around the mascot. It’s not like it’s uncomfortable; in fact, it’s like hugging a huge stuffed animal. It doesn’t smell bad, either, like Kurt had imagined. There is a sweet scent lingering on the fur and the red jersey that is on over the suit. It’s neither distinctly masculine or feminine, though.

Finally, Wilbur lets him go, patting him on the back and giving him two thumbs up. Kurt gives him an awkward smile, then quickly walks to Jenna’s side and pulls her away.

“That was hilarious,” she says. “I’m pretty sure I got a few photos of it. I’m putting them on your facebook wall.”

“God, I hate you,” he mutters to himself.

“I think whoever is in the mascot suit likes you,” she adds in a teasing tone. They’re far enough away from Wilbur that Kurt has slowed their pace.

“Jenna, that could be anyone. It could be a girl,” he says. Jenna just shrugs and drops the matter.

On Saturday, the day of the game, he goes early with Jenna and a few other friends and lines up to get into the student section. It’s a lot of waiting for a sport he doesn’t particularly care about, but he and his other friends are all in the theatre department and spend the time going over scenes.

When it gets started, the game is going very well for them. They’re a good time, Kurt has to admit, which makes for an enthusiastic student section.

Kurt spots Wilbur and Wlima, in her cheerleading uniform, on the edge of the field, at the beginning of the game. He’s still a little embarrassed from the other day, but Jenna doesn’t say anything.

It’s during half time that he’s sitting, talking with Jeremy from his Musical Theatre class, that he hears Jenna laugh loudly next to him and then pokes his side.

“Kuuuuurt, looks like someone is here to see you,” she says. Kurt looks over to where she is staring and his heart stops when he sees Wilbur in the stands, just a few feet away from them. And he’s staring right at him.

Now that Wilbur sees that Kurt’s seen him, he starts waving his arms above him. Then he begins to climb over people, high fiving outstretched hands as he goes.

“This isn’t happening,” moans Kurt. “I can’t possibly be being stalked by a mascot.”

Wilbur gets to their part of the stand, still waving, but almost in Kurt’s face now. “Um, hello?” Kurt tries and it must please Wilbur, because he sort of…sways from side to side happily. He reaches over and pats Kurt on the shoulder, like a greeting. Then he holds up a finger, as if to say “wait a moment” and reaches into a bag he has and pulls out a rolled up red t-shirt. He shakes it out, revealing the university logo in white. Then he holds it out for Kurt.

“Oh, no, I don’t –“ Kurt begins, but Wilbur keeps pushing it toward him until he gives up and takes it. He holds it up to his body with a sigh; at least it looks like it fits. “Um, thank you.”

Wilbur reaches forward and hugs Kurt quickly. He backs up and pulls another t-shirt out, throwing it into the crowd of students. He moves on, leaving Jenna and his friends to laugh at him.

“Come on, Kurt, you have to wear that on Monday,” says Jenna, poking his shoulder. “You can tell everyone Wilbur gave it to your personally!”

 “I don’t wear logos, Jenna,” he says sourly.

“Come on, Kurt, just this once,” she says. “You can wear really tight jeans to make up for the t-shirt.”

Kurt grumbles but already starts to mentally prepare his outfit.

In the end Kurt ends up wearing the t-shirt on Monday with one of his tightest pair of black pants. The shirt itself he tucks in and folds the sleeves higher up his arms. In the end, it actually looks pretty hot.

“Nice shirt,” Jenna comments with a smug smile when he walks into Acting 2.

“Nose down.”

They sit next to each other and Kurt takes the few extra minutes to check his phone. Then he sees a pair of navy blue boat shoes in front of him and looks up into Blaine’s eyes.

“Nice shirt, Kurt,” he comments with a smile. “Didn’t I see Wilbur give that to you at the game?”

Kurt feels his face grow hot and he hears Jenna laughing next to him. “Yeah,” says Kurt. “You saw that?”

“It was on the big screen,” he says, a small chuckling following.

“Oh my god, it was?” asks Jenna. “Oh my god.”

“I can’t believe it.” Kurt wants the ground to swallow him. He can’t believe the Blaine – and the stadium full of people – saw him getting hugged by a giant wildcat mascot.

“I thought it was cute,” says Blaine and okay, part of Kurt’s brain stops working for a moment. “And it looks a lot better on you than mine does. The shirt.”

“Thank you,” says Kurt, finally regaining some speech. Blaine nods and moves to the other side of the room. Kurt pointedly ignores Jenna’s jabs and attempts at conversation.

That day, for class, is the start of a new project. They’re going to do partner scenes and the teacher comes in with the pairs already selected. And as if his life was the plot of some teen movie, he and Blaine are paired together.

For the rest of class, Kurt and Blaine sit next to each other and start looking over scenes on Blaine’s laptop.

“Do you think we should do something dramatic, or more comedic?” asks Blaine when they open up a saved tab on his bookmarks, which their teacher suggested to look for scenes.

“I do like dramatic,” says Kurt. “It’s just so hard to find a good scene for two men sometimes. There are so many more women and men scenes.”

“We could do one of those,” suggests Blaine, looking over with a smile. “We can ask if it’s okay, but I’m sure he won’t have a problem with it. And they are more interesting. Maybe this one – this one is a favorite of mine.” Kurt looks over and recognizes the title. It’s semi-romantic scene, or at least, it involves a fighting couple.

“You don’t mind doing a scene that has more…romantic connotations with another guy?” asks Kurt slowly.

Blaine looks at him, eyebrow going up. He has an almost smug look on his face. “Of course not,” he says. “I’m gay.”

“Oh,” says Kurt. He isn’t sure if he’s surprised or not. There are plenty of straight guys in the theatre and music programs here, but there are also a good amount of gay ones. “Well, that’s good. I mean, that we are okay with that. I mean – I’ll just ask if we can do that.”

Kurt asks the teacher and he’s fine with it, if they are. So they decide on that monologue and Blaine emails him a link to print later. They will have time to work on the scene a bit in class on Wednesday, and decide they’ll probably work on it on the weekend as well.

Kurt feels…really happy for the rest of the day. Blaine seems like a really nice guy, now that he’s gotten to talk to him a bit more, and he’s looking forward to their scene together. Blaine is a great actor and they worked well together in the improv scene before. He’s expecting a pretty good performance, overall.

The next day, in Musical Theatre, Blaine only gives him a wave from across the room before class. Kurt returns it, hand shaking a little bit, and sits down. At the end of class, their teacher looks over to Blaine and gives him a nod. “Now Blaine would like to make an announcement before you all leave.” He sits down, giving Blaine the floor.

Blaine stands, looking quite excited. “Hi everyone! So I just wanted everyone to know about the Acapella group on campus, CatCall, who are having a performance tonight at 6 o’clock. I have some flyers here and it would mean the world to us if you could come and support the group. If it means anything, we totally don’t suck!”

The class laughs and Blaine passes around the pile of flyers. Kurt takes one, looking down at the details. Kurt has heard of the group before: it’s an all boy acapella group who wear red and black, or blue and black, striped ties and sing mostly top 40. He’s never actually seen them preform, though.

The class gets dismissed and Kurt stands, still holding the flyer.

“Kurt!” He turns and waits for Blaine to catch up with him. “Are you coming tonight?” he asks, pointing to the flyer.

Kurt’s heart beats a little fast. “I think I should be able to,” he says.

“Awesome!” says Blaine. “I have a solo. I’m kinda nervous.”

“I’m sure you’ll be amazing,” says Kurt.

Blaine stops, a bright smile making his eyes crinkle. “Thanks, Kurt. I hope to see you tonight!” He gives Kurt a wave, then walks in the opposite direction.

Kurt ends up going by himself to the performance, though for a moment he considers asking Jenna to come with him. He dismisses it, because he’d never hear the end of it. Kurt sits near the middle of the audience, which is pretty full, and waits (nervously, tearing at the program in his hands), for the performance to start.

The group of about a dozen boys come out, in alternating blue and red piped ties. Blaine is near the center of the formation, his own red and black tie looking tight on his neck. He looks dreamy, as usual.

The begin with some sort of mash-up with “Down”, which makes a lot of the audience laugh at first. It’s a bunch of guys in ties and dress shoes grinding and dancing around the stage, after all. Then they do a song about Mario Brothers, which is oddly romantic? Kurt doesn’t know much about the video game, except that he’s better at it than Finn without even trying. Then, finally, Blaine stands up in front of the group and begins to sing “Hey, Soul Sister.”

It’s a sped up version that has some amazing back-up vocals. Like Kurt predicted, Blaine sounds flawless, his voice strong and on pitch.

They do another two songs, with other people on lead vocals. Kurt files out of the auditorium with the rest of the audience and goes straight home. He knows he probably should stick around and tell Blaine he did a good job – but then, he probably has a lot of other people to say that. He might have even by passed that to go out with friends. So Kurt waits until the next day, when they are about to start going over their scene, to congratulate him.

Blaine’s face is brighter than he’s ever seen it. “Thank you, Kurt,” he says. “I’m so glad you went!”

“It was fun,” says Kurt, trying to act nonchalant. “You guys look and mesh well together. And those ties you guys wear…they’re cute.”

Blaine laughs and shrugs. “The funny part is that the acapella group I was in back in high school had the same times. Well, the red ones. It was part of the uniform.”

Kurt is about to ask what school that is, and more about his glee club (though he might just refer to it as choir, like a lot of schools do), but then Blaine jumps into talking about their scene and asks Kurt’s opinion on his character’s motives and Kurt gets distracted.

That weekend Blaine tells Kurt he doesn’t really have any time to go over their scene; he apparently has work and a few other clubs to attend to and Kurt says it’s fine, though he was looking forward to spending some time with Blaine, alone.

Instead they both vow to go over it by themselves. They already have it blocked and so far, seem to be doing pretty well together. On Monday, their performances goes off without so much as a flubbed line. Kurt, even in the middle of the scene, is struck by Blaine’s stage presence and ability to deliver and make believable whatever he says.

They get a great grade on the project, but after that day, they seem to go back to their opposite sides of the classroom to sit with their usual friends. It’s not exactly distressing, but it’s disappointing. Blaine still says hi to him every day, though, so at least there is that.

A notable moment later that week is when Kurt spots Wilbur walking down the stairs to the Cellar, one of the restaurants in the union. He ducks into a corner, grabbing a book from his bag to hide his face until the mascot is out of sight. It’s not one if his finest moments, but he doesn’t want to see what Wilbur would have done if he saw him.

Kurt was never someone that involved in high school. He was in Cheerios and Glee club, of course, and ran for student class president (only to lose to Brittany of all people). In college it’s a little of the same; his degree keeps him pretty busy with theatre and costuming projects. The only club he is a part of, however, is part of “SPRITE,” a LGBTQ club on campus.

There is a big club fair situated around the beginning of October and Kurt volunteers to be at the booth for SPRITE, passing out information and answering questions. They have a pile of free rainbow gel bracelets on their table and so far, most everyone has been kind to him and Amanda, the president of the club at the booth.  

Kurt has just finished talking to a shy looking girl about what they do in the community on and off campus, hands her a bracelet and pamphlet, when he looks over and sees Wilbur again.

He’s near Wilma, taking photos and walking from booth to booth. Kurt sinks down in his chair a little, trying to pretend he’s not here. He also tries to keep a positive view: maybe he forgot about Kurt. He probably meets, and teases, hundreds of students.

Kurt loses track of Wilbur at some point, that is, until he’s suddenly in his line of vision…heading straight for their booth. He waves at Kurt and Amanda, pointing down at the bracelets and then to himself.

“Of course you can have one!” says Amanda, her voice almost quivering with excitement. She picks one up and Wilbur holds out his wrist. It takes a little stretch, but it goes over the big paw and on his wrist, catching on the fur a bit.

Then, Wilbur sets his sights to Kurt.

He walks around the table, standing next to Kurt with an expectant air to him. Kurt stays still, not wanting to get up. He feels Wilbur rest his hand on his shoulder, the one with the bracelet. Amanda is smiling at Kurt, giving him a thumbs up. Kurt sighs and looks up at Wilbur.

“Hi…again,” he says.

Then Wilbur sits on his lap, putting an arm around Kurt’s shoulders.

Kurt lets out a sound, but really, whoever is in the mascot suit isn’t that heavy, really. He feels his face heat up and Amanda tells them to not move as she pulls out her phone. Wilbur gets off him as soon as the photo is take, but Kurt still feels a little frazzled…Wilbur gives him a wave and continues on to the next booth.

“What is up with that?” asks Amanda.

“I have absolutely no idea,” Kurt mutters, sinking into his chair.

Kurt is at the booth for another hour or so before leaving, giving up his chair to another member. He’s walking down an empty walk way, close to the changing rooms in the theatre building, when he sees Wilbur.

“Hey!” he shouts, not quite thinking it through. Wilbur turns and if a mascot could look surprise, Kurt is pretty sure he is.

Kurt jogs up to him. “I just – what is your deal? You keep singling me out. Like you recognize me and I just – oh for the love of – can you take off your head? I know it’s probably like Disneyland and you’ll be lynched for revealing your identity, but it’s really weird to have this conversation with a wildcat.”

Wilbur shakes his head and waves his finger. Kurt lets out a frustrated sigh. “Fine. Just – what is up with this?”

Wilbur holds up his hands, miming writing on a paper and Kurt pulls out a notebook and pen. It takes a few moments; it looks a little difficult to write with the suit on, but soon Wilbur passes the notebook back.

Would you please go on a date with me?

Kurt reads it twice before looking up. “Oh. You – you like me?” Wilbur nods, shifting from foot to foot nervously. “I – I see. Look, I have to ask – are you a girl? Because I’m gay and I don’t want to lead you on.”

Wilbur shakes his head. Well, there’s that. And, Kurt thinks with a thrill, that means a guy is in there – a guy who actually likes him.

“This is sort of weird,” says Kurt suddenly. “I don’t even know you.” Wilbur, the eyes that don’t blink, stare back at him steadily. “Look – I – if I said yes…you have to know that I’m at a disadvantage here. I don’t know what you look like, who you are – anything.” Kurt hesitates. “That being said…yes, I will go out on a date with you.”

Wilbur actually jumps up, once, in excitement. It’s actually pretty cute. Kurt laughs and feels his face heat up. “Are you free Friday night? We can just…meet on 4th Avenue? Maybe…Caruso’s Italian restaurant?”

Wilbur nods quickly, then holds up his fingers – 7. “Meet at 7?” He nods. “Okay. 7 it is. I’ll…see you then?”

Kurt stands there for a moment before he turns on his heal and hurries away.

He has to start figuring out what to wear for Friday.

Kurt doesn’t have any classes on Friday, so he spends most of the day over thinking and freaking out. When it’s an acceptable time to take a bus to campus and walk down to 4th Avenue, which is technically still on campus, his stomach is in knots.

He walks into Caruso’s five minutes before 7 o’clock, the smell of garlic and other Italian scents hitting him and making his stomach rumble. He’s pretty sure he forgot to heat lunch today. Kurt looks around the lobby and peeks into the restaurant. They never said who would get a table…Kurt doesn’t know what he even looks like; he doubts the costume will be around today, obviously….

“Are you Kurt?”

Kurt jumps, just a little, when the hostess says his name. He gives her a confused affirmative and she smiles. “Your date said you would be looking around and confused. He also said you had hair that could probably reach to heaven itself.”

“Oh,” he says. “Uh.”

“He’s already at a table – follow me?”

Kurt follows her across the restaurant, heart beating faster. She takes him over to a corner, two seat table where another person is already sitting, head bent over a menu and tapping on the table nervously. He looks up when they arrive, his face full of hope as he stands up.

“Kurt! I’m – I’m glad you came.”


Because, oh god, it really is Blaine Anderson, looking absolutely handsome in black dress pants, a polo and sweater vest, with a matching bowtie. His hair even looks more gelled than usual.

Blaine Anderson is Wilbur?

“Yes,” he says, looking a little embarrassed. “I – would you like to sit?”

Kurt does, at a loss for words, and takes the menu from the hostess. She leaves them and Blaine sits back down, clearing his throat. He looks at Kurt with an expectant look on his face.

“You’re…you’re Wilbur. You – you’ve been flirting with me as our school’s mascot,” says Kurt, trying to process this whole thing.

“I am,” says Blaine. “Are you…disappointed?”

“Disappointed? No, of course not I just – I’m confused. Why didn’t you just…we’re in two classes together. Why didn’t you just talk to me?”

Blaine looks down at the table, reaching out to pick up the paper covering of a straw to fiddle with. “Because I did the stuff as Wilbur first, mostly because I was too nervous to say anything to you in person. You are – you’re beautiful, and I have a horrible track record with romance. I once sang to a guy at the Gap, where he worked, and got him fired. He didn’t even like me. I’m – I don’t know what I’m doing and, when I saw you as Wilbur, I thought it would be a good way to practice interacting without in a way that didn’t make me nervous. Then I started to talk to you as me, but it was just – I don’t know. It felt like I was leading a double life. And I couldn’t decide if you actually liked me, or if you just wanted to be a friend so…” Blaine trails off and gives a self-deprecating laugh. “I’m rambling. I’m sorry.”

“It’s okay,” says Kurt. “Look, if it makes a difference, I’ve pretty much had a crush on you since the first day of class.” Blaine glances up from the table, looking genuinely surprised. “Seriously. You’re - you’re amazing, Blaine. You’re talented and nice and handsome. Who wouldn’t be infatuated with you?”

Blaine gives him one of those bright, stunning smiles. “So…you aren’t regretting saying yes to a date with me?”

Kurt takes a huge chance and reaches over to take Blaine’s hand, which is resting on the table. “Not in the least.”

When they finally begin the date, officially, and start to talk, they can hardly stop. It seems like they have an endless amount of things in common, and the things they don’t are fun to tease and argue about. In a surprise move, Kurt finds out that Blaine is from Ohio, as well. It almost chokes on his soda when he mentions Westerville, which is about an hour or so away from Lima.

Kurt has heard of Dalton Academy, as well. They had a notable Glee club that, thankfully, the New Directions never had to face in competition. Blaine, as well as Kurt, loved New York, but wasn’t especially drawn there to go to school. Instead he applied to dozens of programs across the country and UofA offered the best deal for him. It was either here or a school in LA, which Blaine immediately ruled out.

“My brother lives in LA,” he says, scrunching up his nose. “He’s okay in small doses, but I don’t think I could handle him being that close.”

“I feel the same way about my step brother,” says Kurt dryly. “I appreciate him a lot more now that he’s across the country and we only see each other for holidays and in the summer. He’s a good guy, but we don’t have much in common.”

Blaine insists on paying the check at the end of the night, but Kurt convinces him to let him pay for ice cream. So after dinner they leave the restaurant and start walking down 4th to an ice cream place.

They’re walking close together and a few times Kurt wants to reach out and take Blaine’s hand, but he doesn’t.

“So,” says Blaine, when they’re nearing the ice cream shop. “You do know you can’t tell anyone my secret identity, right? Being Wilbur?”

Kurt laughs. “I wouldn’t dream of it,” he says, swaying over and knocking Blaine’s shoulder with his own.

Ice cream is good and Blaine lets Kurt try his chocolate and peanut butter swirl. They linger at the ice cream shop, not wanting the night to end, but it’s nearing almost 11:30 and Kurt has to admit he feels a little tired.

“Do you drive?” ask Blaine.

“No, I take the bus.”

“Where do you live? I can drive you.” Blaine rolls his eyes. “My dad insisted I take the car for college. It’s a little far to drive all the time, so I only will end up doing it for summer breaks. But you know.”

“That would be – nice, actually.”

Blaine’s car is nice, but not flashy. It’s a pretty short distance to Kurt’s apartment, but they end up singing along to all three songs that come on the radio on the way, including a pretty good rendition of “Perfect,” in Kurt’s opinion. When they arrive at his apartment, Blaine actually parks and walks him to his door.

“I really had a nice time tonight,” says Kurt when they stand in front of his door. It feels like a cliché scene in a movie, only there isn’t a protective father waiting on the other side of the door.

“Me too,” says Blaine, his voice high and hopeful. “Maybe…does that mean we can do this more? Going out?”

“Yes,” says Kurt, feeling as giddy as Blaine looks. “Yes.”

Blaine takes a step closer to him and Kurt’s heart speeds up. He takes a step forward himself, deciding to just go for it, and brings his hands up to rest on Blaine’s waist as he leans down slightly to kiss him.

Blaine’s hand slips onto his cheek, leaving a hot trail of fire as he goes. The kiss is sweet, yet searching and pressing. It makes Kurt’s breath catch in his throat, how amazing it feels.

He never wants to leave.

They must kiss that way for a few minutes, pulling apart only to gravitate back again. Finally Kurt presses his forehead against Blaine’s, letting out a shaky laugh.

“I – I should go,” he says.

“Yeah,” says Blaine. “Same.” Blaine takes a step back and Kurt forces his hands to drop from his waist. “I’ll see you Monday?”

“Of course,” says Kurt.

Kurt unlocks his door, giving a wave to Blaine as he starts to walk away. Kurt has almost shut his door when he hears Blaine call his name.

“What?” he asks, peeking his head out.

“What’s your coffee order?”

“Non fat mocha,” he says, after a moment. “Why?”

Blaine just laughs and waves again, hurrying back to his car.

His question is answered on Monday morning when Blaine sit down next to him, instead of across the room, holding out a cup of coffee from the Starbucks at the union. Kurt almost never bothers with it, seeing as it’s always so busy.

“For me?” asks Kurt, taking it.

“Of course,” says Blaine in a teasing tone. Then he leans forward slightly, eyebrow raising in an unvoiced question. Kurt gives him a small nod and Blaine leans in completely, giving Kurt a peck on the lips.

Beside him, Jenna makes an excited sound, but withholds her questions and curiosity. Kurt tries hard to focus with Blaine’s leg pressed against his own.

Kurt and Blaine settle into a relationship from then on. They go out on two more dates before Kurt asks Blaine to be his boyfriend and he says yes. Kurt tells his dad in a shy tone over the phone a few days later and when Burt learns that Blaine is from Ohio, he insists to meet him over winter break.

Blaine ends up bringing Kurt a coffee every Monday and Wednesday, while Kurt starts to repay the act by brining Blaine a medium drip (with a few sugars) every Tuesday and Thursday. All their friends think it’s sickeningly sweet.

The next time there is a football game, two weeks after they get together, Wilbur (Blaine, of course, Kurt knows now) comes up and flirts with him again.

Jenna, who had snuck in a few beers before the game and is a little buzzed, shakes a warning finger at him. “Hey now, Kurt is taken now, Mr. Wilbur. You lost your chance.”

Blaine, as Wilbur, holds up his hands, as if in defeat and moves on.

That night, Blaine shows up on Kurt’s doorstep after the game. Kurt invited him over for a movie night – the first time he’d be in Kurt’s apartment, actually.

Blaine’s hair is sort of gelled, but a little messy and sweaty from wearing the Wilbur head. He has a handful of drinks and snacks in his hands and a sleepy look about him.

“You okay?” Kurt asks.

“Just tired,” says Blaine. “And dehydrated. Being in the suit and jumping around takes a lot of energy.”

“Well sit down on the couch. I’ll get you a water bottle and put in the movie. I was thinking ‘You’ve Got Mail’?”

“Sounds amazing,” says Blaine. “Just like, push me if I fall asleep on you.”

In the end, Blaine does end up falling asleep against Kurt’s shoulder, making soft snorting sounds every so often in his sleep. Kurt really, really doesn’t have the heart to wake him when the movie ends, so instead he gently arranges him on the couch and throws a blanket over him.

That morning Blaine’s hair and clothes are adorably sleep wrinkled and he keeps apologizing about sleeping through the movie.

“There will be other movie nights,” says Kurt as he starts to make breakfast for them. “Really.”

“I’ll make it up to you,” Blaine insists. “Really.” He leans over and kisses Kurt’s cheek, then sits back and leans against the counter to watch him make eggs, sipping at his coffee. It feels so suddenly domestic that Kurt’s heart aches for that; a future with Blaine, just like this.

Which should be silly, seeing as they’ve only been together for two weeks.

But time does pass; there are many, many other movie nights that come and go. Pointlessly, silly dates on 4th avenue and breathless kisses on Kurt’s couch late into the night. Blaine says “I love you” when they fly back to Ohio together for Winter Break, as they sit in the airport coffee shop. It’s sudden, but said with so much confidence – like it’s a matter of fact – that Kurt doesn’t need to hesitate to say it back.

Burt and Carole love Blaine when he comes over during Winter break a few times. Kurt and his dad sit down late one night over cookies (low fat) and milk and Kurt tells him just how much Blaine means to him.

Then they’re at school again, and though they only are in once class together, they see each other even more than the semester before. It’s that semester that they end up having sex, a decision they reach together and it’s one of the best nights of Kurt’s entire life, completely giving himself to another person who he loves so much.

And who would have known, he thinks on one of the nights Blaine is sleeping over, curled into Kurt’s side and making his soft snorting noises, it all started when he he thought he was being stalked by his school mascot. 

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