drabble: until my dying day

Jo said this and tagged me in the post. So I wrote a thing.

What if in Blaine’s scrapbook there’s a page that Kurt dubbed “The Wedding Page” and he put a picture of them being super lovey dovey when Kurt was fitting their prom tuxedos and drawings of them in their wedding tuxedos he drew and Blaine wrote “I will love you until my dying day” at the top and kurt kissed it and drew a small k+b heart on there andwhenever Blaine feels down he opens it and sings it out to himself softly.

Blaine had ignored the page for months after the break up. He would pointedly thumb over two pages - it was the page after prom last year, so it was easy to avoid - and skip right to the page of he and Kurt in summer clothes and cheesy sun stickers. It just - it hurt too much to look at. 

In fact, he didn’t even look at it until after Christmas. The day he got home, he walks into his room humming “White Christmas” under his breath and collapses into his bed happily. The trip to New York had been simply amazing and he and Kurt - they had come to an understanding, it seemed. 

Blaine lays in bed for a good five minutes, just soaking up this good feeling, before turning over. His eyes land on the bookshelf, taking in the row of scrapbooks he has there. 

A few of them are his mom’s work - photos of him as a baby and onward, capturing the moments of his kindergarden graduation, his first Thanksgiving play in first grade, his Sadie Hawkins photos (before the disaster that the night had become). Then he had picked up scrapbooking from his mother, though Cooper teased him about it, and he started making books filled with his own memories. 

Blaine swings his legs over the side of his bed and is grabbing for the most recent scrapbook without really thinking it through. He hurries through the pages quickly - bypassing photos of him at Dalton with Kurt, of all the memories from his year at McKinley with him - finally settling on the page he’d been avoiding for so long. 

It was a scrapbook page that he and Kurt had worked on together, stretched out on their stomachs on Blaine’s bedroom floor, flipping through wedding magazines as they debated the pros and cons of each suit. 

"No no," Kurt had said. "I was thinking of matching bowties - but I want mine to be white. It makes a statement against the same color shirt." 

Finally, they had found the perfect suits, cut them out of the magazine and glued them to the page, over a large red heart cut out of scrapbooking paper. They made lists of things that were obviously required at their wedding - colorful lanterns hung everywhere, just at twilight. Kurt even draws them in their tuxes they picked out, because it’s good practice with his interest in design. They pick red and yellow flowers to border the edges of the pages. They debate over whether they want to pin ones to their lapels. 

Finally - they stumble across their wedding song by accident. Blaine had just been suggesting, in a teasing tone, that it should be “Teenage Dream”. Then the song they’re listening to, soft music drifting out from the speakers on Blaine’s desk, changes to “Come What May” from Moulin Rouge and they only thing they have to do is look at each other and know. This is their song. 

Blaine writes the lyric “I will love you until my dying day” at the top of the page in a careful script that he reserves for his scrapbook pages. 

Kurt leans in, kissing his cheek as the song fades. He takes a red pen and doodles a small heart in the corner of the lyric, writing in a “K+B.”

They look down at the page, planning out their wedding day and it’s perfect. They thread their hands together across the carpet lazily and it’s one of the best moments of Blaine’s life. 

Now he stares down at it for the first time in months, sitting on the ground where they made it and even though Kurt isn’t beside him, isn’t even his boyfriend, Blaine doesn’t doubt that this will happen - down to the last detail. Because they had promised each other forever, sitting right here. They would love each other until their dying day - and one day, they would sing those words at their wedding. Of this, Blaine had no doubt. 

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