Drabble: just the beginning

Marissa wanted early relationship Klaine telling ND about how they are dating now! Set in season 2!


After Blaine kissed Kurt, they nervously stumbled through the confirmation that they were, in fact, boyfriends. They were blushing and still frazzled from kissing and it was the most perfect feeling Kurt ever had. He was someone’s boyfriend. He had a boyfriend. 

They don’t tell anyone just yet. People at Dalton obviously know, because now they walk to Warblers’ practice holding hands and Blaine kisses Kurt on the cheek in the mornings in greeting, blushing himself. They decide to wait another two days until after Regionals to tell other people, like Kurt’s friends. It’s not as if they’ll care, consumed in the drama that precedes a competition. 

Then, the Warblers don’t win Regionals. It’s a blow, but Blaine catches Kurt’s hand as they walk off stage and smiles at him. So that makes him feel slightly better.

Of course, Kurt is invited to the New Directions celebration at Breadstix (though Rachel tells him that if it’s too much to watch them celebrate, that it’s fine to skip out). Instead, Kurt decides to go. He changes and drags Blaine along with him too, because this is the perfect moment. 

They take up the back part of Breadstix in their celebration. Mr. Shuester has brought several bottles of sparkling cider, but Puck is currently charming a young waitress into bringing out the real stuff. 

Everyone is laughing and happy. Kurt knows there has been some serious drama going on, but at the moment it doesn’t seem to matter. Mercedes had taken up a seat next to Kurt in a booth so she can talk to him, Blaine squeezed against his other side and on the inside of the booth. They keep stealing looks at each other and looking away, blushing.

Kurt is pretty sure it’s Blaine’s foot that keeps nudging his own under the table. He’s pretty sure it’s not Santana, who sits across from him with Brittany.

Mr. Shuester gets up and makes a pretty lovely speech, then sits down. As soon as he does, Kurt raises his hand. 

"Mr. Shuester, if I may," he says. "I had a little announcement." Mr. Shue smiles at him and motions him to take the stage. Kurt doesn’t stand, trapped between Mercedes and Blaine, but he turns slightly to face the group at large. "While my group did not win today, I am very proud that it was you that was victorious." 

"It was a fluke! Your duet was amazing, honey," says Mercedes. 

Kurt grins at her, face turning a bit hot. “Yes, well, obviously. However, I have some - exciting news.” Kurt looks to Blaine, who is smiling widely at him. He reaches over and puts his hand on Kurt’s, which is laying on the table. 

"Okay - so, Blaine and I are dating," he says in a rush. "That’s a thing that happened." Blaine laughs at him, just a little, with how quickly he said it. He squeezes Kurt’s hand. 

There is silence in the group for a long moment. Kurt is almost afraid that they - aren’t happy. Do they not accept Blaine? He’s only been around the group a few times, once at the disastrous Rachel Berry party. What would it be like to have his friends disapprove of his boyfriend?

But then, Puck lets out a woop. “I knew you guys were fucking!” He pounds the air and people laugh. 

Kurt blushes. “Excuse me, Noah -“

"I thought you were already dating," says Brittany in a quite serious tone. 

"Same here," says Santana. 

Kurt splutters. He looks to Blaine, that looks the same. 

"I think it’s fantastic!" says Rachel, clapping excitedly. "While it obviously didn’t work about between Blaine and I, really, you two are just meant to be!" 

"Oh god," moans Blaine, head falling into his hands. He’s really never going to live that down. 

"When did this happen?" asks Mercedes.

"A few days ago," says Blaine, exchanging a look with Kurt. 

"And you didn’t tell me until now! I can’t believe you, Kurt!" 

"Well, congratulations, Kurt," says Mr. Shuester. 

"Yes, very good, you can jump into the web of relationships that exist among the Glee club members," says Quinn, rolling her eyes. 

"Dude, have you told dad yet?" asks Finn, eyes wide. He’s looking over to Blaine, like he’s wondering if he needs to do the big brother threatening speech. 

"Yes, of course I did," says Kurt. He’s actually happy with the reactions. It’s strangely sweet to see how much everyone cares. 

The conversations go to different topics after a few minutes. Mercedes stands after making Kurt promise to tell her everything and goes to talk to Tina. That leaves Kurt to look to Blaine, letting out a breath. 

"Were you nervous?" he asks. 

"The glee club - is like my family," says Kurt. "If they didn’t approve…it would have been sad."

"I understand," says Blaine his eyes wide. "I’m so blown away by this group. It’s really sweet, how you all interact." 

Kurt laughs. “You’re seeing us on a good day. There can be some brutal drama. But it’s okay. It makes us stronger.” 

Blaine looks at him for a long moment, like someone stares at a beautiful piece of art in a museum. It makes Kurt feel - tingly. 

He leans in, kissing Kurt on the cheek. “You’re amazing,” he says, putting his arm through Kurt’s and connecting them on the elbow. He scoots down in the booth, laying his head on Kurt’s shoulder. “I - is this okay?” 

It’s really the first time they’ve been so physical in public. And in front of Glee. Across from them, Brittany gives them a large smile. 

It’s strange. Kurt has never really been this way with anyone. 

But it feels nice. 

"So okay," he settles on, tilting his head to rest his cheek and ear on Blaine’s head. 

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